Monday, 9 May 2016



placement of objects over the lines of a triangle helps the viewer eye move towards the subject of subject is placed over one of the lines or connected to it. this is one of the techniques to define centre of interest with the help of placement of subjects as per their desirable priorities. along with this depth of field, volume, contrast and off course colours also play a vital role.

(fusion of triangular and centralized compositions) 
subjects placed in a way that they are making a strong triangle. 
the 2 faces towards left side moves the towards left and one subject with face towards
right side keep your eye move back to the centre of image rather let it move out.
the negative space on bottom is blocked to with a big centralised chair so that
eye keeping on moving around core subjects 

(fusion of rule of third technique with triangular composition)
subject is placed as per rule of third but less room is left towards eye contact so that viewers
eye bounce back to the subject rather keep moving towards negative space.
lot of objects in the composition are balanced through a triangular placement of lines
connected with the subject that force viewers eyes, travel towards subject. 
low depth of field is also helping moving the eye towards desired centre of interest.


Recall fundamentals of Composition. Recall again!. Ah been 16 years when my teacher taught me of them. still everyday i recall them.

Now i try to mix them, fuse them, play with them and make a shake out of them. e.g.

Mixture of centralised, asymmetrical, rule of third, position of subject at extreme corners, 
converging lines and weight balance with colours.

its good to practise all this when you are exploring nature with your mobile phone.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014



Today the blog is not about our work but about the Kings of Fashion Photography in Pakistan " Ather Shahzad ". For the youth of today we want to show what always inspired us while we were growing. The images those became a constant feed of mind as inspirations while we were growing and preparing ourselves.

The way they defined a style of fashion photography in this region, their experimentation with styling and strength of composition is unmatched. We don't feel shame to say that the usage of right lens at the right place for the right shot is never achieved by anyone else in this country.

While compiling this i see these images after 9 years and i find that they have done everything and today everything seems an inspiration of them in a way or other.

We shall thank a lot to them to prepare so fertile base for all of us to construct upon.

(will try to present some old work from another King Khawar Riaz very soon)

NOTE: the images below are not provided by them and are found from a very old folder on my hard drive. even i don't remember from which websites we collected them when we were students. THE QUALITY WOULD NOT BE THE SAME AS THEIR ORIGINALS