It's time to give back. Never believed in teaching until one have ample experience in the related industry therefore this initiative is taken right in time. Its been 10 years with an experience shooting over 450 sessions with total of over 17000 images. We believe learning never stops but a little experience might help in sharing some tips with others.
At this blog the aim is to share lot of information about how we work, what ever we learn, how we create images, designs, films and arts. The purpose is to build a new generation of artists who can help in development of native arts & artists with their very personal unique styles. Sharing lot of tips and techniques will help beginners and new professionals to get inspirations from locally developed content rather just a single source of West. Along with this they will be tied with a duty of creating something new rather just copying and recreating same content posted here.
We understand the importance of one's natural understanding in mother language. We wish our typing speed of Urdu could be better but hopefully some contributors can help in translating post's contents in Urdu so that majority of people can understand. However we shall try our best to use very basic words for a common understanding
We hope this effort brings some positive contribution to the industry and benefit most of you. If it happens so then just remember us in your prayers

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